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New Clients

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The Pack!

We have put together some helpful tips and a guide to getting your dog started at Playful Pet Resort
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Let's Get Started

We are thrilled with your choice to allow us to become a part of your dog’s life! We approach this opportunity with the same detail and enthusiam that we apply to the actual care of your pet. 

The steps to joining our pack are detailed in a section below as well as a full description of what to expect on your pup’s Meet n’ Greet day

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The Basics

We require that all new and current clients understand and meet a few basic requirements:


We welcome dogs of all ages at Playful Pet Resort. That said, there are a few things to consider!

Puppies over 20 weeks and under 8 months old generally enjoy and benefit from group dog socialisation, but often lack the self awareness to know when to hydrate and take a break! For this age we recomend half days (or staff modified full days) for the first 3-10 visits until the "new" wears off and their stamina increases.

We classify dogs over 10 years old as senior embassadors! A great many play hard years past this threshold and we have lots of guests that come regularly at this age. We will have you fill out an additional health and play questionaire that helps us design a play & stay schedule to meet any additional needs they may have.


Visits to Playful Pet Resort are exciting, fun and filled with hours of group day play. As such, guests participating in any activity at Playful Pet Resort should be in good overall health and have regular visits with their veteranarian. 

All guests should be spayed or neutered by 9 months old.

Please let us know about any past or current illnesses, injuries or other limitations so that we can properly accomidate your pup.

Vaccine Requirements

All dogs entering our facility must be up to date on the following vaccinations and treatments:

  1. Rabies
  2. Distemper/Parvo (DTTP or DTTLP)
  3. Bordatella (6 mo. prefered)
  4. Canine Influenza (Required by 8/1/23)
  5. Flea & Tick Prevention

A current copy of your pets vacination records are REQUIRED to be uploaded into your PetExec portal. Once uploaded, our system will send you a friendly reminder when the time comes to update the records.

Behavior & Temperament

We have a great safety record at Playful Pet Resort and take serious the responsability to provide the pets in our care with a safe and fun environment. 

We require that all dogs coming to stay or play:

  1. Be both human and dog friendly
  2. Successfully pass a play & temperament evaluation on thier first day and periodically thereafter.
  3. Acclimate quickly to an ever changing group of playmates.

We are excited to meet all prospective pups and don't discriminate by age, sex or breed but please keep in mind that Playful Pet Resort is not a training institute. If you know your pup has agression or behavior issues this won't be the best place for you, but we know many who have the resources to help. Just give us a call - we will work hard to help you find a place for them to play. 

New Client Registration

Getting Started Is Easy

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. We want yours to be the best so we follow a prescribed on-boarding process for all new clients that helps ensure the safety and long term enjoyment of all guests.

Following the steps below have proven to provide a safer, happier and more FUN experience for our guests so we rarely deviate from the process; but in an emergency situation, we may still be able to help. Please call 469-691-0213 to discuss.

Review Our Rules & Requirements

General requirements are listed in the previous section. A complete list of requirements can be found by clicking the icon above.

Submit A New Client
Info Survey

Click the icon above to provide some basic info about your dog and schedule a same day call with one of our Pet Pros.

10 Minute Call To Answer All Your Questions

We will call you the same day (generally between 12-2 & 6-7) to answer questions and get you scheduled for a Meet n' Greet!

We Help Set Up Your
Pet Portal

PetExec is an easy to use software system that allows you schedule apointments, make requests, pay your bill & much more!

Dog Attends a Meet n' Greet Introduction Day

Introduction days start with some quality time with our staff, meeting new dog friends and conclude with 2 hours of group play.

First Day Evaluation & Pet Parent Conference

At checkout we will meet briefly with you to go over all the fun your pup had that day and discuss our recomendations going forward.

Come Back &
Stay or Play

Dog's with a successful Meet n' Greet can now board overnight and day guests are welcomed back with a week of free playcare!

You Are Now Free
To Book Away!

Established clients now have the ability to drop in for daycare and book boardings and groomings on demand!

Meet n' Greet Day

Our Meet n’ Greet day serves many purposes. First and foremost, it gives your pooch the opportunity to meet our staff, explore the facility, make some new friends and have a ton of fun!

This first visit also gives our staff the opportunity to observe their play style, gauge the exercise needs of your dog and chart a record of what they enjoy so that we can offer the optimal daytime schedule specific to YOUR dog!

Last, we evaluate how they interact with other dogs in our playgroups. As a smaller daycare with a focus on group play, it is important that we work primarily with dogs that do well in that environment. While most dogs do, some just don’t… and that’s ok! We have plenty of options, both at our facility and referring elsewhere that may suit your pup better than our style of group play 🙂 

We ask that you give us at least 5 hours on that first day to properly introduce and evaluate your dog. When it’s time to go home, one of our friendly pet pros will have a candid chat with you about how the day went and at that point can complete your boarding reservation for you or go over all of our daycare package options!